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What does it take to turn a mundane interior into an appealing one? There can be a plethora of additions, deletions, and alternations to revamp your interior decoration. However, the simplest way to do so can be by adding an artistic furniture item to the existing set-up to make the room port the space grander.  A state-of-art piece of furniture that catches every onlooker's eye.

You can check the collection of fancy furniture items from the best furniture manufacturer & suppliers to give your space an instant makeover and add a special feature to highlight the centre of attraction. You can also make your space look more sophisticated, organized and stylish if you place an exclusive coffee table.

Vetra is a renowned manufacturer of premium outdoor furniture in India. Their coffee table featuring Mother of Pearl inlay can be an excellent addition to your living spaces. 

The Classy Coffee Table

Mother of Pearl and MDF remain the two materials used for carving the top layer of this beautiful table. Mother of Pearl in a shimmering, smooth material formed on the inner layer of the shell of oysters, molluscs, and abalones.

All these shells feature a distinct, unique shade which makes each variety different.  The glossy and attractive texture of this layer makes it a perfect material for making gorgeous-looking, decorative furniture items. Especially when used as an inlay for Rosewood furniture or Makassar ebony wood items, the appeal gets magnified by multiple times. 

This coffee table also features beautiful and intricate designs and patterns in the perfect combination of MDF and Mother of Pearl which make it look elegant. Ideal for compact and cosy covered outdoor spaces or interiors, this coffee table is sure to add plush and aesthetic excellence without much ado. Just place it in a noticeable sight, and everyone present in the room will admire its unconventional beauty without fail. 

The Fashionable & Functional Design

The round base of the table makes it ideal for all spaces. The base features a captivating golden tint that adds class and dimension to its classy top. The foliage patterns of the table top add a dose of earthen feel to this furniture. Place it in the garden or the terrace top and this coffee table will blend with the surroundings effortlessly.   

The top layer with foliage pattern features an astonishing combination of white and silver which elevates the appeal of the interior space. Easy to use and move, this table can be a perfect addition to your functional furniture assortment. 

One of a kind, the Mother of Pearl Sea shells inlay, white coloured coffee table has won many hearts. It has a regal appearance showcasing delicate floral motifs as the top while a golden cylindrical artistic shape makes the base which has a glamorous electroplated finish. Sure you can infuse this royalty into any luxurious living space.

If you are looking for a coffee table that will accommodate a few people to hold a candid conversation over a cup of coffee, look no further. 

Vetra is one of the most renowned luxury outdoor furniture brands in India. The assortment of Vetra includes a varied range of stylish and functional furniture items made of premium-quality materials such as teak, wicker, cane, etc. 

As a leading furniture manufacturer & supplier, Vetra keeps high-end patio furniture like Gazebos and Cabanas as well. No matter the size of your space, Vetra has something suitable for it in its collection. From minimalistic alternatives to opulent, plush items, you will find comprehensive varieties in Vetra’s collection. 

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